5Series empowers your business with automated efficiency, enhanced control, growth opportunities and robust data security measures.

Efficient Customer Onboarding

Take your clients where they want to go with standardised processes.

Simplify client onboarding with standardisation and user-friendly practices for efficient processes.

Meet onboarding challenges effortlessly with automated KYC and Risk compliance tools.

Stay compliant with built-in support for FATCA, CRS, and MDR regulatory requirements, ensuring peace of mind.

Secure Data Management

Prioritise data security. Advanced features streamline workflows, ensuring quick, secure access and modification, empowering efficient business operations.

Our system ensures robust security for client data, accounting, trading, and fund valuations from inception.

Utilise powerful workflows to accelerate business processes, facilitating faster data flows and approvals.

Prioritise usability with guided data access, ensuring quick, secure modifications while maintaining stringent security measures.

Compliance and Risk Management

Stay compliant and manage risks effectively with automated compliance monitoring and robust risk management tools.

Start your client journey on the right foot by automatically taking care of key client reporting and compliance activities.

5Series offers robust tools and features to help you identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively.

Financial Operations and Reporting

Effortlessly handle financial operations and reporting with comprehensive role management, automated billing, multi-currency support, and customisable reports.

Define and assign roles to users within the system, controlling access to various functionalities based on user responsibilities and permissions.

Effortlessly generate a wide range of documents, including client reports, financial statements, compliance forms, and more, directly within 5Series.

Set up customisable billing rules, including fee structures, pricing tiers, and billing cycles, tailored to the specific needs of their business and clients.

About 5Series

Safeguard your financial data while ensuring efficient business operations. From day one, 5Series has been meticulously crafted to envelop your client data, accounting information, trading data, and fund valuations within an advanced security model, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your data integrity.

With 5Series, you’re not just getting a secure platform; you’re gaining access to a suite of powerful workflow features designed to enhance the pace of your business. Our intuitive interface empowers you to create custom data flows and approval processes, enabling you to streamline operations and accelerate decision-making.

But usability doesn’t come at the expense of security. 5Series prioritises both. Our user-centric approach ensures that while your data remains under lock and key, accessing and modifying it is a breeze. Our guided data access features simplify the process, allowing for quick and easy modifications without compromising on security protocols.

Whether you’re managing client portfolios, tracking accounting information, monitoring trading activities, or valuing funds, 5Series has you covered. Our comprehensive solution is designed to meet the diverse needs of financial professionals like you, providing a central hub for all your financial management tasks.

Experience the power of 5Series and revolutionise the way you manage your finances. With our advanced security measures, efficient workflow features, and user-friendly interface, you’ll be equipped to navigate the complexities of financial management with ease and confidence. Trust in 5Series for a seamless, secure, and streamlined financial experience.

“Value for money and covers what we need, the Quantios team are fast to respond on technical support issues.”
Conrado Sambat, IT Manager Alpadis
Customer Stories Moore Global

Automation delivers operational excellence for Moore Global.

“I have a good working relationship with Quantios and always find their representatives to be knowledgeable and professional. As an accountant, I find the journal quick entry function useful.” Victoria Reynolds, Client Accounts Manager Aston International Limited
“Great product which I am transforming the businesses into using as the A-Z of what they do. ” Gary Durkin, Trust & Corporate Services Transformation Consultant Bermuda Commercial Bank
“There is a steep learning curve, however once the system is up and running with all processes integrated it is far more efficient.” Ed Claxton, Financial Reporting Manager, ED Capital Limited ED Capital Limited
“Quantios has become an essential part of our working practices, our local Quantios Rep understands our needs and requirements and more importantly understands our industry.” Kate Bentley, Managing Director Fiduciary Group
“Quantios is easy for staff to use, and does exactly what the bank wants it to do. The Interface looks good and with good support.” Craig Henwood, Senior Systems Analyst Turicum Private Bank (Gibraltar) Ltd.

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