eFileConnect streamlines regulatory filing, ensures compliance, and simplifies multi-jurisdictional challenges for peace of mind.

Efficient Onboarding

Automate regulatory reporting with eFileConnect for swift and seamless data onboarding, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Easily import data into eFileConnect via Excel, API/Web Services, or Manual Entry, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

eFileConnect seamlessly syncs with Quantios Core, Vpoint, and NavOne, eliminating manual data transfers for enhanced efficiency.

Utilise our user-friendly draft view for a clear final check before submission, ensuring accuracy and confidence.

Simplify FATCA & CRS filing

Effortlessly handle AEOI reporting with eFileConnect's 5-step Workflow for a seamless process, from start to finish.

With eFileConnect, validate, seek approval, submit, and archive your data effortlessly with just a push of a button.

Make immediate corrections and ensure quality assurance by editing your data online with ease and efficiency.

Identify data omissions and invalid formats promptly, ensuring accuracy and smooth processing.

Secure Data Management

Ensure secure data management with our trusted system, guaranteeing the safety of your information.

Guarantee data integrity with named user 4-eyes sign-off, ensuring a reliable and secure process every step of the way.

AES 256 encryption allows direct and indirect filing readiness, ensuring data safety and compliance with confidence.

Utilise a hierarchical approval system for seamless processing, ensuring efficiency and precision at every step.

Optimised Audit Trail

Streamline auditing with eFileConnect's automatic data archiving, ensuring a hassle-free audit process.

Access a complete data audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance, offering peace of mind and comprehensive oversight.

Manage historical filings for easy reference, ensuring seamless access to past data and streamlined record-keeping.

Easily manage resubmissions and corrections, ensuring smooth handling of adjustments and maintaining accuracy throughout the process.

About Quantios eFileConnect

eFileConnect is your solution for seamless electronic filing of tax returns, legal documents, and more. This sustainable SaaS platform works with via API, Excel, and integrates effortlessly with Quantios Core, NavOne, and Quantios vPoint, reducing the risk of data silos.

How does it work? With eFileConnect, your entire workflow unfolds within your existing systems. Utilising data already present, it simplifies the process with a single click, handling validation, approval, submission, and archiving—all within reach.
What sets eFileConnect apart? Its versatility. Whether it's tax returns, legal forms, financial statements, or government filings, eFileConnect supports an array of document types, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your needs.

What's more, eFileConnect boasts a user-friendly 5-step automated workflow—Onboard, Validate, Approve, Submit, and Archive—streamlining your journey from start to finish.

But the benefits don't stop there. eFileConnect
empowers you to send filings to multiple reporting bodies automatically, eliminating the tedious task of manual submissions.

In essence, eFileConnect isn't just a filing tool—it's a game-changer for efficiency, precision, and compliance. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to seamless filing with eFileConnect.
“We recently acquired Quantios eFileConnect, the application is very user friendly and provides one of the best jurisdictional coverages compared to other products we’ve considered.”
Izabella Koeijers, Portfolio Director RCS TMF Group
Customer Stories Portcullis

Enhanced data governance and compliance accelerates expansion for Portcullis.

Don’t just take our word for it...

“I have used Quantios for over 20 years at different levels in my profession. Assistance from the local Quantios rep is always of a very high standard. ” Nick Pitaluga, Managing Director Gibraltar International Trust Corporation Limited
“Straight forward to use... end-user friendly: multiple module software, flexible configuration, good client service and response times, adaptability, visually pleasing.” Sean Le Beuvant, Regional Operations Project Manager Trident Trust Company Limited
“We have been Quantios customers for almost 25 years now, here in the IOM and throughout our worldwide network of offices. Quantios has been our Group-wide solution which has expanded with us over the years. ” Diane Dentith, Managing Director Sovereign Trust (IOM) Limited
“We recently acquired Quantios eFileConnect, the application is very user friendly and provides one of the best jurisdictional coverages compared to other products we’ve considered.” Izabella Koeijers, Portfolio Director RCS TMF Group
“We have been using Quantios since it was first introduced in Gibraltar. In our Group, it is our bible, introducing the use of the software amongst our other offices. Having used other similar software programmes... this is the most complete for our needs.” Jenssen Ellul, Chief Operations Officer Gibro Group
“Great product which I am transforming the businesses into using as the A-Z of what they do. ” Gary Durkin, Trust & Corporate Services Transformation Consultant Bermuda Commercial Bank

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