Firms are abandoning fragmented systems, fragile spreadsheets, and custom ERPs to modernise with entity management, practice management, and billing on a secure, cloud-native platform.

Problem Explainer

Are inflexible legacy technologies limiting innovation in your middle and back office?

  • Does managing thousands of entities raise the risk of costly errors? Burning through resources and still not confident that you have everything under control?
  • Too many systems causing pressure on margins? Want to move to a modern platform but worried how your investment translates into tangible benefits?
  • Data and documents all over the place? Is navigating through disorganised data and documents wasting your team's valuable time and resources?
Our Promise

We help boost operational effectiveness, client satisfaction and enhance investor value.

  • Master entity control with our one-stop shop Quantios provide a valid single source of truth at the heart of your business.
  • One SaaS platform can simplify your estate. Quantios accelerates speed-to-value and maximises ROI by delivering core capabilities out-of-the-box at your pace.
  • Intuitive design and automation accelerate transformation. Quantios channels 40 years of TCSP operating experience directly to your browser with tailored implementation support.

See the results we’re driving for our clients

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Time saving due to automation

Quantios leverages four decades of international experience in the Trust and Corporate Services sector to deliver transformative digital solutions, earning the trust of over 600 diverse clients. This extensive background has shaped every aspect of our platform and informs how we deliver solutions to meet the unique challenges of each client with precision.

The platform simplifies and unifies critical business functions such as entity management, accounting, time recording and client billing. Streamlined workflows ensure operational excellence and data confidence, giving our clients a competitive edge.
They benefit from a modern, cloud-native, SaaS platform that is the culmination of real-world experience and years of practical implementations in complex scenarios.

The breadth of our client base, from global firms to regional specialists, continuously enriches our expertise as we support the widest range of needs within the industry. This diversity, coupled with our dedicated customer focus, drives the innovation of our platform, ensuring it consistently strikes the perfect balance between cutting-edge technological developments and proven best practice.
In response to evolving market demands, the advancing digital economy and increased regulatory demands, we remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our platform is designed not only to meet these demands but to anticipate future challenges, ensuring our clients are always ahead.

Quantios offers the most complete and agile SaaS solutions for Trust and Corporate Service Providers designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of the industry. It is the ideal choice for firms wanting to improve efficiency, grow the top line and control risk.
Entity management Accurate records
Structure diagrams Smart visualisation
Time and Billing Simplified invoicing
Document Management Seamless integration
Customer Stories BTG

Escaping legacy systems, BTG are streamlined for agility and growth.

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